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Commodore, Commodore, Commodore (ok, and other stuff too...) :-)


Dec 31, 2020
Kingston, WA US
Another old fart here who got his start on Commodore 8-bit machines back in the day.

My first computer was a VIC-20, but I quickly moved on to a C64, which I had a number of over the years (I even used to run a BBS on one of them), then the Amiga, which I sayed with for as long as I could, until I was dragged, kicking, screaming, and crying, into the MS-DOS world. (But hey, my first MS-DOS machines still a Commodore: a PC-10, so that helped ease the transition.) ;-)

I went on to have a career in IT that I've recently retired from, and I ran an Internet/Web hosting company for about 10 years back in the day, all because of my start with those humble little 8-bits. These days I'm trying to relive some of those times, plus trying to try out some of the things I missed the first time around. (I just bought my first Commodore PET a couple of years ago.) I've also been getting a lot more into the electronics side of things and trying to troubleshoot hardware at the circuit level.

Here's what I'm currently playing with:

Commodore 64 (silver label)
Commodore 64C
Commodore 128DCR
Commodore Plus4
Commodore VIC-20
Commodore PET 8032
Amiga 1000
Amiga 500
Amiga 3000
Commodore PC-10
A flip-top XT clone
TI 99/4A (with the PEB!)
Timex Sinclair 1000
Macinstosh SE
Macintosh IIsi
Original iMac

...and more retro video game related stuff than I could ever list!

Sadly, I used to have a lot more that I had to get rid of years ago... a color NeXT slab, Sun 3 gear, an ADM 3a... I can't believe I had an ADM 3a and let it go. What was I thinking????

Anyway, feel free to say hello if you have similar interests (or even if you don't!)


Veteran Member
Mar 22, 2013
Sunny So Cal
Welcome. Lots of Commodore stuff here too (a 128DCR on the desk, a blue foil label PET 2001 on a temporary table, and a QuikPak A4000T under the other table, plus many things not set up).