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compaq portable 486c upgrades. amd 5x86 133 working! whoo hoo


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Jul 12, 2019
the other day i bought a amd 586 133 chip on ebay hoping it would work in place of the 486 dx2 66 that was in there. the one i bought was a PNY quickchip with board revision E.

i went to install it earlier last week and the computer wouldnt boot. i was a bit bummed. so i popped the 486 dx2 66 back in there and it still wouldnt boot.... uh oh... i thought i killed it.

but after uplugging the video adapter board and FFC cable to the LCD and reseating those connections, and reseating all the ram, it booted back up. phew....

fast forward to today. put in 2 more sticks of ram (total of 32mb now) and reboot on the dx2 66. booted just fine. yes!

installed the amd 5x86 133. then reseated all the ram. booted just fine into dos. then into windows 3.11 and im running calmira shell and that is working well too.

the machine still barks at the 32mb ram upon boot (it had 24mb before) and the floppy drive is dead so i cant run the sp1855 bios setup disks yet till my floppy drive emulator gets here, but i can fiddle around with what little software is currently installed.

im also waiting on a 40 pin to 44 pin cable adapter cause i accidentally ordered a 44 pin disk on module. i already swapped the conner 120mb drive into an older machine and used clonezilla to make a clone of the drive so i can restore it to the DOM. ill also copy some games and other stuff to that module so i can play around with this machine.

it works well. though the original keyboard cable is flaking everywhere. im using an older logitech wireless keyboard and mouse that had PS2 connectors on the wireless receiver.