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Cromemco 8k Bytesaver - Bytemover listing

Hugo Holden

Veteran Member
Dec 23, 2015
I also used Martin's programmer software in CP/M, it worked perfectly. Not only that, it is easy for a novice like me to use.

I use the Bytesaver 2 fitted with vintage mil spec 2708's. For fun, I programmed 7 of them with BASIC-5. I have the Bytesaver configured in high memory in the SOL, in a memory window I created for it. I couldn't (didn't know how to modify the BASIC code) get the BASIC to run at that location, so I put a block mover program I made in the 7th rom, so to get BASIC to run, I just type EX 7A00 and BASIC in the roms gets relocated to low memory where it was designed to run. The 8th ROM is still currently spare, hence no aluminium sticker on it to remind me it is not programmed, yet.

I think the Bytesavers are one of the more "fun" s-100 boards.


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