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Cromemco Modification Level Summary


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Oct 31, 2015
Kaiapoi, New Zealand
A have a quantity of Modification Level Summary / ECO documents covering much of the Cromemco hardware, with dates from 1980 through to 1983.

These detail the board revision, and what the changes made were.

Search engines are not what they once were, and I didn't find any of these online.

Are they useful?

If so, I can scan them all.

Also have I/O News Volume One, Number One.
Does that make it as valuable as the first Superman comic :biggrin:
Please do scan them. Artifacts like that are often lost to time and is wonderful when someone recognizes what they are and curates them. Thank you!
Where is a good place to store them?

The Internet Archive ?

sample attached for August 1983 and covering 64KZ-II, 64KZ and 64FDC

Others include backplane, PSU and Tandon, IMI and Persci drives


  • Cromemco_BoardModificationLevelSummary_October-1-1983.pdf
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The documents are now available here

The Internet Archive processing lowered the resolution and made the first one I tried, which included source listings, nearly unreadable, so they haven't gone there yet.