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DECtape archeology


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Sep 30, 2013
Stockholm, Sweden
I have recovered some DECtapes and DECtape IIs. There were some early XXDP tapes, RT11 dist set for V4 with patches, 11/750 console and diagnostic tapes, 11/730 console and diagnostic tapes. The VAX diagnostic tapes are from DEC FS and seems to be home brewed. So they are not exactly matching the official tapes that DEC provided. Nevertheless they might be useful. On one tape marked moonlander there were a binary called MOON.BIN. Not sure what it is. One XXDP tape had a FOCAL binary. Some tapes didn't read entirely which means that it will not be possible to get all files off the tape. I will keep adding dumps to this document when I image more tapes.

In case some one is interested. I put them here. There is also a document that tries to describe what is on each tape.

Maybe it is useful to someone?