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Disappeared floppy and CD drives on a Power Mac

Micom 2000

Veteran Member
Mar 6, 2004
Manitoba North of 50 degrees Latitude
I have shamefully neglected my Power Mac 7100/66 AV for some time altho it's my favorite Mac. It would always start up, inform me vocally in a sexy voice that I was a "sexy thing" , and give indications it had no problem until a few days ago. It had no fdd icon on the desktop nor CDRom. The fddy does respond desite the absence of an icon but the CD does nothing other than informing me that there is a problem with the SCSI bus. The HDD icon had also lost it's title and their was some vaguenese about it's SCSI ID. It's using OS7.6 IIRC.

I'm not sure whether this computer falls within the vintage constraints of this section, but anyway do any of you Mac buffs have an inkling as to what the problem might be ? I figure something to do with the SCSI bus is not loading and likely has something to do with it.