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Documenting and rechecking.


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Dec 11, 2010
So yesterday I had a bit of time again to work on this thing, to fight a bit also the "dentist's discomfort" I decided it was about time to recollet all the ideas and write them down so I began to write documentation about this thing ( was too tired to debug/check VHDL ).

It usually helps me because it's like "creating and checking a checklist again" of all the stuff done so far and in fact I found a couple of silly but fundamental things I forgot about I have to add in that CPLD code, I always find that to write down in a clean way what you've done it's always a good way to find out if you really done ALL that you should have done.

It's also EXTREMELY helpful when for any reason you have to leave a thing for X time and then go back to it, the mind can easily forget bits and pieces when meanwhile it's been so filled with other stuff ( work ) .