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Eastern Europe (ebay) Retro DOS game PC Pentium 200Mhz MMX, 32Mb RAM, Nvidia Vanta, AWE32, DVD, Win 98

Covers: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belarus, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Moldova.


Jul 16, 2018
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Vintage gaming computer with Pentium MMX 200Mhz!
Real "Time mashine" from 1998 year!
Brand: DTK

On board:
- CPU: Intel Pentium MMX - 200Mhz, SL27J,
- MOTHERBOARD: Lucky Star 5I-VX1F, Socket 7,
- RAM: 32 Mb (1x32Mb DIMM PC100),
- HDD: IDE FUJITSU - 4.3 Gb, MPB3043AT,
- VIDEO: SPARKLE - Nvidia Vanta - PCI - 16Mb,
- SOUND: CREATIVE AWE32 - CT3600 - 8MB RAM on board,
- FDD: 3,5'' - tested-ok, (one FDD as a dummy),
- DVD-CDRW combo drive: BENQ CB523C - IDE - tested-ok,
- USB: USB (2.0) on OPTI 82C861 PCI controller - tested-ok,
- POWER: AT, DTK PTP-2008 - 200WATT, 220 Volt (ONLY 220V)
- SOFT: Windows 98, Games, All drivers installed (distribution kit on disk D:). Installed Native usb drivers for win98 (recognize USB flash drives visout driver)!
- CASE: the case is clean, dust free.
- Set: only PC, without keyboard, monitor & mouse.

Price: 555 $USD
Worldwide (airmail) shipping: 155 $USD with tracking number.


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