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Fair value for Altair pieces


Veteran Member
Jan 22, 2011
Vancouver, BC
What would you guys think is a reasonable price to pay for a 4 slot Rev 0 8800 backplane, and also a complete front panel assembly (rev 0 PCB + most switches and leds as well as inner front panel)?

I recall a backplane going for not very much not that long ago (can't find it now). I want to say it was under $100. The front panel I'm not sure of. I want to say it was around $300ish the last time something like that appeared.

Both these items were up for auction which I bid on, but then the seller did some research and decided to yank both and then relist at about $1000 each BIN. I'm sure I'm going to cause offence with my offers and they're just going to sit on ebay for eternity, but I want to be somewhat in the ballpark, although I know these things don't come up often.