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First YouTube video experience


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Jan 22, 2011
Vancouver, BC
Falter I know all about that. As a kid I was so shy (maybe thats not even the right word.. Social anxiety makes more sense now) Anyway my father would try and force me into social interactions like paying a clerk or asking for something but it only made it worse. By junior high my voice changed pretty deep and I developed a great speaking voice. Kids in class would always ask me to read the passage or give the answer aloud. IT gave me the nudge to come out of my shell. My fathers method didnt work but I forced myself to be much more social and more extravert than intravert. IT was a lot of work, but it paid off. I have been much more of someone not afraid to speak my mind ever since. Life was hard for a long time and I am glad I learned to stand up for myself when I did. But regardless I wont forget that shy timid kid I came from.

By the way I love your channel. One of my favorite new channels in the past few years. You cover a genre of Vintage tech noone else does with a very informed portrayal.

Can I make a request? Do a video on the Wang 700....

When I went into business for myself I was forced to be more sociable. I found it relatively easy to be friendly and such with strangers. It was like a switch I could flip on and off. But it's a very different thing when people you know, who do not expect you to be doing that sort of thing and might react with amusement upon hearing it are nearby.

Many thanks for your kind words re: my channel. The topics I'm covering are not major view getters but I think they are important and more interesting to me than yet another retrobrite video or ode to Commodore. There's something really special to me about the experimentation in the 70s.

The Wang 600 looks really interesting! I wish I had one to cover! I'm trying to figure out, is it just a really powerful calculator or does it qualify as a computer?


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Jan 30, 2012
Connecticut, USA
But it's a very different thing when people you know, who do not expect you to be doing that sort of thing and might react with amusement upon hearing it are nearby.

I know about that as well. Finding out who you are can be a rougher journey for some than others. IT was for me. When you finally figure out who you are and people who may have known you before see you acting in a different light may think you are acting "funny" or comment on it. Making you feel out of place about it. I went through that. Lost some friends because of it to. Finding yourself is a journey and can be a hard one at that. It builds character as they say,, they just never tell you its built on blood and tears.


The further back in the 70's you go blurs the line of calculators and computers. the Wang is a calculator (although it takes up a desk) but it is a computer as well. Mine has a modified IBM selectric to be used a printing device. And I know they offered external hard drive attachments. The Unit had I/O, that says alot. The unit saved "programs to cassette. Either its the most advanced calculator, or its an early computer. Or as I tend to think of it.. its both.
Its my only computer with Core memory. Its intriguing and intimidating. And for viewers sake.. noone else has ever done a real video on it.."ode to commodore" indeed.


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Jun 30, 2021
In the last two days my channel traffic has picked up considerably.. from about 80 views per day to 500. The proximate cause seems to be my TV Typewriter video, which Youtube seems to be suggesting from a video about a Japanese typewriter that has been getting major views.

I didn't change anything with the video description or tags etc.. it just magically happened one day. I wonder why it got lashed to that particular video out of all the videos about typewriters out there.

Its youtube algorithm buddy. You can expect years old video to pop in the suggestion of thousands of people in less than a day. Same goes for the site as well.


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Jan 21, 2011
Middletown, Maryland USA
I'm a bit odd, I suppose (my wife would say that's a significant understatement), but I really love speaking, whether to a crowd, or to the camera.

On the other hand, I _really_ don't enjoy editing. So, it's been about 2 months since my last video. That's also partially due to finally moving back to my repaired house.

- Alex