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For Sale: 1986 Zenith Computer Systems Desktop Computer


Experienced Member
Jun 21, 2003
Ontario, Canada... the frosty north.
Computer is a bit dirty, but is in excellent working condition. Has extra 84-key keyboard, 8088/8086 CPU, 640KB RAM, 2 360KB 5.25" drives, 33MB MFM hard drive and monochrome amber CGA monitor. MS-DOS 5.0 installed, as well as various programs installed including Snooper.


I spent a few days getting it working, but don't want to keep it. I had an extra system as parts, but that went, so the working system is all that's left.

Offers currently being accepted, including IBM PC/AT/compatible parts. I'll let this go for pretty cheap to whomever wants it. The shipping may be a tad high, though, if you want it through the post.

I'll hold onto it until December.