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Free Seagate ST 225 from AT computer for data retrieval


New Member
Jul 23, 2011

This might sound crazy, I'm not sure. I have an seagate ST 225 20 meg hard drive with DOS etc. from an old PC 286 AT clone computer from the mid 80's. It has a bunch of old programs on it too. I don't have the controller card. It's free to anyone willing to try and get the files off and e-mail them back to me. I'll deliver or pay shipping. Live in Southern California.


email mjolles@pacbell.net


Veteran Member
May 7, 2006
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Do you happen to recall what the original controller was? It matters a lot.

It sure does. Whenever I do a drive recovery, I have to drag out all my MFM controller and test them, one at a time until I hit the one that boots the drive. I have about 25 of them (some that require jumper changes based on the drive geometry) and it's always one of the last ones tested that is the right one. It burns up about an hour of time that could be saved if they knew the original controller number but, chances of that start at slim and go down from there.

Add to that the fact that the drive may no longer be functional (especially a 225) and then it's been a monumental waste of time.

However, I don't recall ever having NOT managed to recover a drive or cartridge, but, it's not exactly a profitable operation when you're working for the hardware. Time and materials is SO much better LOL.