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Mid Atlantic FS: Honeywell/Micro Switch Hall Effect Keyboard

Covers: New York, Pensylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.


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Feb 1, 2010
Central VA
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eBay listing link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/275373808709
Deskthority thread link: https://deskthority.net/viewtopic.php?t=24031

I bought this keyboard a number of years ago with the intention of using it with my Polymorphic Poly-88; however, I found a George Risk keyboard sometime after that which came with a case and ended up using that. This one was purchased as-seen as surplus, not poached from a terminal. It's "basically ASCII" except the letter keys act like they're CTRL-shifted, the Deskthority thread above shows this is normal for this keyboard. I tested it on the bench and every key except U causes the strobe line to pulse. Not sure if this is a bad keyswitch, broken solder joint, etc, but these Hall effect key mechanisms are famously reliable.

Includes a NOS edge connector with solder lugs. Requires +5V and -12V to operate. Pinout available in the linked Deskthority thread. Staring at $1.

Al Kossow

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Sep 1, 2006
Silicon Valley
it isn't an operating failure. the hybrids rot
they are decades old now and weren't encapsulated properly
mostly, occuring on units sold with Intel MDS systems

poor little keydingos with their precious rotting kbs