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FS: New box of 5.25" SS 96 TPI "quad density" floppy disks


Veteran Member
May 2, 2008
central NJ
Found at the thrift store today. It was still in the original shrinkwrap, but since the box got a little smushed I opened it up just to make sure the contents inside were OK. It still smelled new inside!

These are rare 5.25-inch, single-sided, double-density (NOT "High Density") 96 TPI floppy disks, as used by some CP/M machines and other vintage computers. Also known as "quad density" because they can store 4X as much data as single-density 48 TPI disks. "Full Lifetime Warranty" by 3M!

I don't have any computers which use this format, so I hope someone else can make good use of these disks.

*** SOLD ***

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