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FS: vintage Mac collection (Color Classic, SE/30 & more) in NJ


Veteran Member
May 2, 2008
central NJ
I need to downsize my vintage Mac collection, so I'm selling the following:

* Color Classic with LC575 "Mystic" 68LC040 upgrade, 128 MB RAM, Ethernet card
* SE/30 with newly recapped logic board, 64 MB of RAM. pristine platinum grey, not yellowed at all!!
* Power Mac 8100 with upgraded NuBus video card
* LC (original) with 10 MB of RAM. I put in dual floppies since I was using it with an external SCSI hard drive, but I'll include the faceplate blank and original Quantum internal hard drive.

* AppleDesign keyboard
* original Apple Extended keyboard with mechanical switches. Very yellowed, but works.
* Apple ADB mouse (newer rounded style)
* "Precision Instruments" clicky mechanical Alps switch ADB keyboard (New In Box)
* StyleWriter II printer (untested, surely needs a new ink cartridge)
* pair of AppleDesign speakers, no power supply
* various cables & spare parts

Asking $200 for it all. Price goes up if you start picking & choosing. :p
Local pickup in central NJ (Somerset County).
PM me if you're interested.


Veteran Member
Apr 30, 2015
Austin, Texas
I'd love to have a Mac SE/30 again if I had the cash. Mine met an unfortunate end when I moved from Colorado back to Texas in 1998.

During evasive maneuvers on the freeway, the Mac flew across the car and the CRT exploded and trashed everything.