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Fun with upgrades - why I probably shouldn't be allowed near a soldering iron.


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May 21, 2006
Niskayuna, NY
A 4 megabyte memory board for the Apple IIgs. This is a normal Apple 1mb expansion board, stripped of all it's sockets and RAM, with 4 1mb 30 pin SIMMs glued to it with carpet tape. Simply solder wires to the SIMMs and to all the relevant lines on the board (address, data, RAS and CAS). The upper address bit is present on the slot, and has a finger on the board - but it's not connected on the Apple board - it's connected now, to an unused gate on one of the inverters, and to the memory. I found the plans online, and couldn't help but try it.

This was a lot of work - it's not hard at all, but it's tedious as all hell. But, it does function perfectly, I ran BitBanger (RAM test utility) overnight and it found no errors.



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