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Genrad FutureData


New Member
Oct 21, 2006
Hello all,

I have a Genrad FutureData AMDS-FD-8085-48K machine that I have had for a long time now but have no software for at all. The machine is complete and runs as do the pair of 8" floppy drives, but I have not been able to locate a boot disk to date.

I was wondering if there is anyone out there with a boot disk for this machine so that I could see if indeed the machine is in working order.
This machine looks to be a very interesting S-100 type and is packed full of boards. These are development machines from 1978, the AMDS stands for "Advanced Microprocessor Development System". I have a copy of the User Manual this makes interesting reading.

All the best,

Terry Yager

Veteran Member
May 1, 2003
Saginaw, MI, USA 48601
The bootdisk needed might be determined by the disk controller board, specifically, the ROM-based bootloader. Someone might be able to help if you'll post the make/model/ROM version/revision/etc of your floppy board.