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Getting a DLink DE-220 and a NE2000 clone working in a PC-6300


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Sep 30, 2011
Fairfield, CA, USA
After wishing I could get a network card working in my AT&T PC-6300 I started to try things out. I had just gotten a DLink DE-220PCT card from a thrift store for $3 still shrink wrapped, so why not try that out? I first tried it with ROM 1.1 but that just resulted in the system locking up (same as the pnppd.com driver did). I replaced the ROM 1.1 chips with the ROM 1.21 chips from my 2nd PC-6300 and it loaded up fine, and seen the card. The packet driver needed for this is the DE22X.COM, and you must run it as DE22X.COM 0x60 or it will default to 0x62, easier to just use 0x60. It runs through the check, and detects the card automatically as being in an 8-bit slot. DHCP works from mtcp as well as ircjr.

Feeling experimental I decided to try my NE2000 clone (UMC based) from my 486. It too didn't work with ROM 1.1, but it works with ROM 1.21. The packet driver I used was pnppd.com, which came with the UMC9008F card. This card here works great also, with mTCP working great. The next thing I need to do is find my RTL8019AS based NE2000 clone to see if it too works, but that's one of those things I know I have around here but not sure where it is. With this here I was smart enough to take a picture of the packet driver loaded, unlike I did with the DE220 card, which can be seen here (too large to embed into this).

The system I used was a PC-6300, ROM 1.21 with 640 KB ram and Dual 360 KB floppies, with the system being run off a 360 KB disk with AT&T MS-DOS 3.30. Right now I have the system setup with the NE2K clone card as the packet driver is slightly smaller, and when using a single 360 KB floppy for everything those couple kilobytes actually matter (the difference between having ircjr and the config, or just the config file).

With any luck this could save you a headache one day. I've also heard from Trixter that the SMC 8013 based cards work with the Cyrnwr packet driver. For more info click here and scroll down to Trixter's post (4th from bottom).