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Getting a thread URL ?

Micom 2000

Veteran Member
Mar 6, 2004
Manitoba North of 50 degrees Latitude
Theres a thread in Handhelds/ Laptops which would be of particular interest to the the Yahoo Grid group. It's on dotting of the LCD display on Grid 1520s but would likely apply to all the LCD Grid 15xx's. How do I get the URL of the thread so I can post a referral on the group site ? The FAQ says there's a widget or something on the particular thread page, but I haven't been able to find it.



Veteran Member
Jul 30, 2003
Västerås, Sweden
The URL is quite long:

Actually I happen to know this URL works just as well:

The forum software automatically converts it to the other syntax. You need to right click and copy the link, not select the text and copy it verbatim, since the forum for visibility reasons cuts down too long URLs no matter the syntax. In your email program however you will see the whole link when you paste it.

As you see at the end of the URL you have the number 19156 which is an index to this particular thread. Every new thread has its own index, just like every new message also happens to have its own index. Usually you can specify a post number and navigate to that post in the middle of a thread, but in this case you simply asked for the beginning of the thread.

Good luck.