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Pacific Northwest Goodwill Auction - Apple Macintosh Quadra 605

Covers: Oregon and Washington


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Nov 2, 2017
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NOS according to the description, but did Apple use rubber bands to tie up the cords? I'm guessing not. May just be a lightly used unit. No idea, not an Apple guy myself, but thought it was worth a mention since it does look to be in very good condition from the photos.

Those aren't rubber bands. Looks untouched to me. The case likely won't survive shipping though as those plastics turn to dust if you look at them wrong!
I have gotten two sealed macs in teh box. One was an LC II the other a powermac 6100. Both were sealed both completely destroyed by bad leaking batteries and capacitors. Be warned.
The first family machine we had was an LCIII, so I have a fondness for this case style. I've had my eye on getting a 605, but I've noticed this particular auction at least 3 times. So they either have multiple of these machines, or the buyer keeps backing out.
The LC series is really the only Mac I like regardless of its limitations. With an apple iie card its a pretty fun machine. I have 4. Just letting you know the risks of a sealed 90s mac. They are ticking timebombs and most have gone off long ago.
The LC475/Q605 is the fastest machine that supports the Apple IIe card. The only downside vs. say a Q650 is the limited expansion as you only have one slot. If someone needs a 68k machine, it can be hotrodded relatively cheaply and takes up very little space.
I also like the Q605 for the same reasons others have posted. And also prefer its flat form factor compared to the slanted LC475/Performa. CPU is also readily upgradeable to a full 040 by swapping out the stock LC040, plus maybe adding something to manage the thermals of the full 040.

The plastics are quite brittle and I think all the ones I've bought have arrived with some part of the case broken off.