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Graphics for SOL-20 Questions:

Hugo Holden

Veteran Member
Dec 23, 2015
I was thinking about trying to add a graphics S-100 board to my SOL-20.

I think the Matrox ALT256 and ALT512 boards can only plot a pixel at one intensity, either on or off ......is that correct ?

It would be good to have control over a pixel intensity for at least 8 or 16 levels.

I saw there was a Vector graphic board talked about in a magazine that had 128 x 120 pixels with 16 shades, but I have no idea what the name or model number of that board is. Does anybody know about this board ?

Or is there a suggestion about a suitable board type, so that at least a monochrome image can be displayed with 8 or more shades of grey per pixel ?