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Greetings from Spain


Oct 28, 2018
Madrid, Spain, Europe
Greetings companions,

I am Masteries, a retro machines hardware and software lover;

like all of us.

Currently I have a several collection of machines from ZX Spectrum +2, NES, GameBoy,
Atari STE, Amiga 500 Plus, MegaDrive Model 1, Super NES, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, GP2X F200, WIZ, CAANOO, GCW Zero, PS Vita 3G, PS3 and x360.
Obviously some of these last systems are not considered retro machines yet.

When I acquired a system, I am not only interested on how to use it,
or how to play with already available content.
I have special interest on how to program efficiently for them,
with special interest on 16 bits machines.

In the past I was a professional PS2 and PS3 (less time) coder,
but the interest on create new games is only growing with time.

Recently, I started working hard on Atari STE, specially on maximizing
the commonly forgotten relationship, between how the sound and
graphics are created and managed, in order to maximize
the performance (maintain a 50 frames per second rate).

For STE I wrote a digital only 12.5 KHz voices sound mixer,
using 68k assembler, with the assistance of experts as DML.
With a combined effort from DML and my betatesting,
currently the Atari Game Tools engine reached a great level:


Real Parallax background planes; dinamyc palette changes.

Some early developments for Atari STE using dualfield colouring technique
and 3 voices 12.5 KHz digital audio mixing, running at 50 fps on a stock 8 MHz STE machine:


This demo was quickly turned obsolete (now the amount of RAM needed
for the same demo is decreased on 400 KB, allowing more and more stuff
due to now the demo requires only 2.8 MB of RAM of a total of 3.65 available;
these are the original NeoGeo graphics; map requires more than 4000 16x16 tiles)

These days are days of hard working... such walkpaths support implementation:


These sort of developments for STE are being ported to other systems,
as well currently I have no idea of the existance of an equivalent
development environment (C language based) and engine
for Amiga 500 Plus or Amiga 600 with 2 MB of chip RAM.
In order to try a port.

Sadly 1 MB of chip RAM is a very low quantity for
dual field and high level of detail, for very large maps such NeoGeo ones.