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Hello from a PC lover and new income to the vintage computers!


New Member
Feb 3, 2024
So, I'm not that young anymore, and it shows by the kind of old computers lying around in my house.
My first one was an Acer 8088, long lost to the dust of time, currently I have successfully restored a Pentium III, a Pentium 4, and a maybe not that obsolete Core Duo (yes, the first ones), all with original components from the time, even new old HDDs, some were easier than others, The Pentium 4 was a Dell with capacitors that leaked and had to be changed but at the end it all went ok.
My current project is my second computer, which I remember fondly, there I learned to program ASM and C, and spend a lot of time doing gaming. The PC is going smoothly, still working to revive the Monitor.
My real-life work absorbs a lot of time and do not how much time now to do repairs and be online, but hopefully some of my limiter knowledge will help eventually someone here!

So that is me hello all o/


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Jun 20, 2016
Shokan, New York
Welcome to VCF Forum. I think most of us understand your comment about real life absorbing your time. I was just reading a thread on a Kaypro repair that took more than ten years. It took me about that long to finally pull out my old North Star Advantage and start refurbishing it. Stay with it. Eventually you'll get it done. :)

What part of the world are you in?