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Hello world!


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Mar 27, 2018
My name is James (not Bond), I'm from the Netherlands and have been playing around with computers since the early nineties.

At the moment I have got a nice little collection of computers from the old days. Most of them are running fine, also most of them have their strange behaviour. These are the computers I have at the moment:

IBM Model 30 8086
- 640kB RAM
- 1x FDD/720 (not working currently)
- 1x HDD/20MB
- ATI VGA Wonder ISA addon
- origional KB/Mouse
- maybe an original monitor at my parents' place
- Needs a replacement battery, soldering comming up

IBM Model 30 286
- Intel 286 CPU
- 1x FDD/1.44 (reads as 1.2MB drive???)
- 1x HDD/30MB
- Trident TVGA8900 1MB addon
- origional KB/Mouse
- original colour monitor
- Needs fix on Dallas clock

Philips P3105 (a.k.a. NMS 9100)
- 80c88 CPU
- 768kB RAM
- 1x FDD/720
- 1x FDD/360
- 1x HDD/20MB (XTA, Miniscribe 8425XT)
- Chips&tech 82C451 addon
- original ATI Small Wonder (CGA) in storage
- origional KB/Mouse
- original monochrome (Amber) monitor

Multitech MPF-PC (Plus 700?)
- 8088 CPU
- 256kB RAM
- 1x FDD/360
- 1x HDD/10MB (MFM, Shugart 712, not yet functional, if ever)
- origional KB/Mouse
- original "colour" CGA monitor
- not booting from floppy due to missing DIOS file :(

Nameless Pentium computer
- Intel Pentium-S 150MHz
- 64MB RAM
- 1x FDD/1.44
- 1x SSD/512MB (IDE, Trancend)
- 1x DVD-ROM (IDE)
- 1x CD-RW (IDE)
- Some 2MB VGA card (PCI, can't remember exactly)
- Some Soundblaster clone, some Crystal sound card or an AWE32 (changes from time to time)

Also two Pentium 3 systeems (working), an AMD A4 system, een AMD AM1 system and an i5 laptop.
Besides this, ofcourse, a little collection of spare parts.

In time I've had computers beside these from 8088, 286, 386, 486, pentium and everything up.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.


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Jun 28, 2020
Hi James, I hope you are having a great day! Could you share a photo of inside of your MPF/PC 700 as I also do have one but couldn't figure out dip switch configuration of it. I will drop pic of mine one here soon.