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Help Needed Transferring MS-DOS Data From QIC-80 Tapes


Experienced Member
Jul 17, 2008
Bay Area, CA, USA

I'm looking for someone who would be able to transfer data from 4 QIC-80 tapes:

  • 2 are 3M brand DC1000 mini
  • 1 is a 3M brand DC2000 mini
  • 1 is unknown, but I think from the look of the reels, possible a Maxell

I suppose I should expect the bands to be automatically shot on the 3Ms if not all four. :( These are MS-DOS based backups from 1990-1994, and done on a PC using an Archive Corp. 11250Q/31250Q/51250Q drive, possibly using Irwin Magnetics' EZ Tape.

I'd like to see what I can recover from these, if anything, and ultimately have the content transferred to Dropbox/thumb drive or the like.

I'm located in the bay area, CA, location wise.

Thank you!