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(Home/Vintage)computers for sale

Sorry for kicking an 18 year old thread, but the above seller was me. :) At that time I had over 150 home computers, including some rare models from Russia, Eastern Europe and South America. Due to personal circumstances I had to sell off and give away almost all computers. Having to part with this collection still hurts and I could not bring myself to visit meetings because it was still too painful.

From the original collection I still own a few Philips MSX 2 computers, a Brazilian Gradiente Expert MSX (boxed), an East German Robotron KC85/3, a Philips P2000C portable and a Kaypro II. A few years ago I had a burn-out and during my recovery I was obsessed with the Compaq Armada 1500 Pentium 1 laptop series and bought 5. :) Still have three of those.

Anyway, no major collector anymore but it's good to be back in the scene.