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Hp 9830 9830a


Veteran Member
Oct 5, 2005

Weird but kinda cool. Agree the price is unfortunatly high for something that still appears like a calculator, but this link says (whether correct or not) "The 9830 was by far the most capable machine of this group and ran what HP called BASIC Plus. In many ways, it was one of the first true "Personal Computers" ever marketed." and it looks like it's from 1973-1977 which is cool.

- John


New Member
Dec 9, 2015
Forgot about these..... I was a technician on the production line in 1972-1974. Standard machine came with a whopping 2K of RAM.... (If I'm remembering correctly).... The PCB was about 6" x 12" and 1/2 populated gave 2K... Fully populated gave 4K.
The fail rate of the RAM chips was pretty high. We'd "burn them in" for about a week in an oven to force failures on the boards until they could pass.