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I created floppy images of Scott Adams Adventure Games for CP/M on Nabu


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Dec 16, 2022
I believe I have figured out the problem with ADVENTUR.COM hanging on certain versions of C128 CPM

At 0x0150, there is a "di" (disable interrupt, 0xf3), but there's no corresponding "ei" (enable interrupt, 0xfb).

If you change 0x150 to a NOP (0x00) there is no hang on C128 cpm.system.622-598666

To test using VICE:
1. set a break point for 0x150: bk 150
2. load CPM and then load ADVENTUR
3. after break happens, change 0x150 to NOP: a 0150 nop <enter twice to exit assemble mode>
4. exit monitor: x

There shouldn't be a hang.

Before I make a change to my 36 column (used to be 40 column), I'd like a sanity check on this.

If someone wouldn't mind testing some and/or verifying if there should be an "ei" somewhere I missed that would be helpful.