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IBM 5120/5110 Model 3


Veteran Member
Aug 28, 2006
Hello all, selling my IBM 5120, more info in eBay link. I lurk on the forums here quite a bit so I figure the community here would be interested...

Heavy as sin (I've got one and the paired printer, with manuals)...


Veteran Member
Oct 5, 2005
Yikes. Kinda high on the starting price, have you seen others sell for that amount? Just friendly advice (and by all means let that auction run its course and maybe I'm wrong) but you might consider a lower starting price and get what you can for the system. The problem is definitely in the shipping costs that the buyer has to add. I'm probably wrong but I think the last one I saw went for something closer to $800.. can't find it though. Are you trying to avoid the reserve fee?

Neat to see the system running though, kudos on that and for advertising that it runs :) I always forget does that system do basic and APL or does it only do one of the two?


New Member
Aug 18, 2011
It only does BASIC for better or worse. It was used for book keeping at a local dentist office. The bought it new, used it for 5 years then stored it. I'm rather certain that one of the programs it came with was written for the dentist office, and the other is the original accounting software IBM sold with this model.