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IBM 5150+ expansion unit in Germany


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Dec 1, 2007
Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
Thank you for Kaypro info!

Thank you for Kaypro info!


In case you missed other postings thanking you, just want to make sure you know how much I appreciated your input.

My new website - www.kayprosts.org - has the full "draft" of the paper [about 5 MB - > 100 pages + numerous references] for download. I based my recent April 2008 Trenton Computer Festival [TCF] talk on it. You are noted and thanked in it + your information is included.

Your info ties in very nicely with the Osborne Germany Division and the Compaq worldwide distribution of their computers of that early era of portable, personal computers [PPC's].

Also my 2008 Kaypro Calendar is on my website for download if you are interested. It is in Word calendar format so the pictures can be used in future calendars.

This draft of the paper will be a book I will self publish in the near future.

TCF also has this draft on their TCF CD Digest of their festival + other info. Their web site is www.tcf-nj.org.

Again, many thanks! I really appreciated it.

Please stay in touch when convenient and appropriate.

No need to respond to this email, especially since you are moving - good luck with it! I have moved several times and it sure can be a challenge sometimes.