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IBM Displaywriter System(s)


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Apr 27, 2003
San Jose, CA
I just got this via email:

Thank you very much for your response to mine of Sept. 28.
I'm appreciative of your offer to help me locate a home for this equipment. I have been in touch w/the computer museum in Mountain View, CA and one in San Diego with no success of placement.
The equipment has not been used for many years but has been in a clean storage area and is in good condition. Following is the equipment:
2 - 6360 Disk Drives
2 - 620X Monitors, Mod 001
2 - 6580 Consoles
2 - 630X Keyboards, Mod 001
1 - 5218 Printer A02 w/document feeder
We have a shelf full of manuals for Textpack, Chartpack and Displaywrite, as well as training, operating and maintenance manuals. Also, there are various printwheels for the printer and operating diskettes.
We have no idea of the present value of this equipment but are desirous of receiving some compensation. We are willing to donate to a bona fide museum. At a minimum, shipping costs will need to be covered. Less than this and the equipment will be 'boat anchors'.
Again, thank you for your interest.

The equipment is located in Danville, CA (near Oakland) for those locals who might be interested in pickup versus shipping.

Please PM or email me if you want to be put in touch with Ralph.