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Is there no hope for VCFED PM?


Veteran Member
Apr 23, 2020
Yea, I should clarify my experience.

I've mentioned this before, but my workflow is to click on the New Topics, and then when I see a topic I like, I open it in a new tab (Cmd Click on my Mac).

Then I go to each tab and read and do whatever.

Specifically, if I'm posting, it's not uncommon, like now, to just post a message, hit the button, and then move on to another tab.

Just because I don't experience a delay doesn't mean it doesn't happen, it's happening in the background on another tab.

Were it the last tab, then I'm more likely to see things trudging along.

Mind, I developed this habit (I do it on most forums) specifically to cope with slow response times. By the time I've clicked on the last topic, the first topic has likely loaded and all of the delays and drudgery are done in the background where I don't experience it.


Veteran Member
May 9, 2011
Upper Triassic
I get the extended wait from time to time. Nothing I do clears it. So I just leave the site and come back later. Just seems to totally hang for extended periods.

Sadly I still try to delude myself that when I get these delays it's just some very specific and isolated routing issue with my ISP. But yes, it does seem like something about either the server or the software sometimes just decides to take a *very* long time. Also happens when trying to post responses out of the blue.


VCF MA Committee Member
Staff member
Jan 21, 2011
Middletown, Maryland USA
I definitely have seen the performance issue, when doing board admin and moderation work. So, I am painfully aware of the issue.

We're currently conducting trials with Xenforo, and this involves dealing with the large database size and slowness. The database is quite old, at this point, having been upgraded over many versions of VB.

Thanks, everyone!
- Alex