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Mainframe Editors!


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Mar 15, 2004
Silent Hill.
Editors being one of my obsessions:

I dug out today my old copy of SPF/PC

This was/is a PC version of the IBM Mainframe editor environment SPF.

Here is the current site for it:


ROSCOE (which I used on the IBM 3090 mainframe) is a very feature rich version of it.

Anyway I thought my SPF/PC disk was unreadable as I couldn't get it to read here, but i suddenly remembered, the drive has gone, so I took it to my daytime residence(!) and it installed fine!

The menus are beautiful and you feel very comfortable in a stable environment. I haven't felt that good (computerwise) in years!

The Hessling editor is a (free) version of it for Windows and Linux.


Some of the commercial versions might be worth getting. I thought it worth buying SPF/PC back in the 1980s! I loaded a 4MB file into it just now! It pages and works beautifuly and its very fast! The install fits on one 720k disk!!! It was written in assembler! Wow, eh?

UNI-SPF for Linux from here is a beautiful recreation

I downloaded it today to my Fedora box & it installed easily!

Its a good way to see how SPF editor looks and feels, I recommend it to MF experienced people, or the curious!

You can use any facilities, but files don't save until you pay them for a licence. I prefer free software myself, but its up to you.

Do you have any favorite mainframe editors?

Did/do you enjoy using Xedit/Roscoe/ISPF?

Are you as crazy as I am?!