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Manufacturing Replacement IBM PC Parts


Experienced Member
Jun 21, 2003
Ontario, Canada... the frosty north.
I am pondering having certain parts manufactured for my PC AT's, parts that are easily broken or misplaced, like the plastic rails that the drives ride on inside the chassis of the system, or the metal clips and screws that hold the rails in place in the chassis.

I am wondering if there would be a demand for these parts? Am I incorrect in thinking these same parts are used in PC/XT systems as well? Would other people be interested in such replacement parts? It's been my experience, especially with the plastic rails, that they can be broken quite easily. I could sell them in sets of two screws, two clips and two rails, for a single drive for instance.

Please voice your opinions as I'm having these made immediately after the holidays and your input will influence how much I make, wether enough for myself or a small surplus to offer for replacement parts.

Also, what other small parts could also be manufactured for replacements if I haven't listed them? Those three are all I could think of, really. Please keep the parts relatively small and non-costly to produce (for example, replacement case screws would be appropriate; not a replacement case, hehe).


Experienced Member
Jun 20, 2003
Cary, North Carolina
Re: Manufacturing Replacement IBM PC Parts

Super-Slasher said:
I am pondering having certain parts manufactured for my PC AT's

I prolly have a gazillion of each. In most cases, shipping costs far exceed the value of the part unless it's vital to the operation of the unit.


Jul 17, 2003
IBM PC/XTs (and all the XT clones I owned), never used rails. I've only come across AT-286 systems, and the odd 386 or higher clone that uses rails.

Such bits I'd manufacture myself, as needed.