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Massive lot of IBM PS/2 items, most very valuable


Experienced Member
Oct 12, 2008
Loveland Ohio, EartH
I have a collection of IBM Server type computers. Most of you know what this stuff means:

IBM Server 500
IBM Server 720 ( 6 Pentium CPU’s installed )
IBM Server Model 9595A ( with Pentium T4 complex upgrade)
IBM Server Model 9595 ( with T3 150MHz upgrade complex )
IBM Server Model 9585 ( highly sought after ! ) 2 of these, one with Pentium Overdrive
IBM Model 9577 ( with Pentium Overdrive )
IBM Model 9576 2 of these, at least one with Pentium Overdrive
IBM Model 60 ( 286 machine )
IBM PS/2 Model E ( Hope you know what that is, very rare )
IBM Model 8590 ( upgraded )
Extra 9595A motherboards
Netfinity 5600
eServer dual Pentium 3 Server
IBM 365 Dual Pentium Pro machines
External SCSI enclosure
and so on. I have this stuff outside on a skid. It is well protected, and has been covered. There is probably at least
1000lbs of very good IBM computer stuff. There is a lot of items I didn’t mention, most of which is MCA buss
There are lots of extra parts, as well as add in cards, memory, SCSI drives, etc.
There are also a few later Servers, I think no later than dual Pentium III machines.
I upgraded these with dual PIII CPU’s, and lots of memory and hard drives
This stuff worked when I put it outside, ( it was previously stored in my dry basement since last century ), but I expect the hard
drives are probably no longer functional. They have been kept dry. )
These items are very heavy, some weighing close to a hundred pounds each.
As a matter of fact, I got injured moving all of this stuff from my basement (sciatic nerve in the back, and leg) and it’s permanent. So
I’m not looking forward to moving all of this again. I hope you bring help, or are a brute !
If you know anything about IBM PS/2 stuff, you will understand that this collection has some, but not much value. There are still
quite a few people on the internet who love this stuff. I used to, but I want it gone. ( I know some people who would drive from TX
for those 2 9585N Servers, but he is going to want to stand around talking about it, and I just want it gone. )
It would take a big pick up truck to haul all of this.
I’m not going to give it away, but I will certainly sell it cheap, and would be interested in trades also.
Shipping is not an option, and will not in any way be considered. I live in Loveland Ohio, about 20 miles north
of Cincinnati. I'm hoping there is an enthusiast somewhere near me who is interested.
I have posted these items on my local craigslist also, and am entertaining offers.
If interested, I have about 172 megs of pictures, I think about 158 or so. I can provide some pics if emailed.

I also have quite a few rare Packard Bell items, like the Dual CD-ROM 486 machine, Milano machine, 3 (yes three ! ) Packard Bell Corner
Computers, and a few others. As well as some not so rare PB's. Sadly, I let about a dozen go away last year, or there would be more.
The Corner Computer ( one of them ) can be seen here:

If interested, contact: bobwatts@fuse.net.

Thanks for looking.

( I hope I have not violated any rules by posting this, it wasn't my intention if that happened. )
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New Member
Apr 19, 2012
Packard Bell Corner Computers

Packard Bell Corner Computers

The Packard Bell Corner Computer sounds interesting... do you currently have one for sale?


Veteran Member
Feb 3, 2009
oh my...

I'm just going to point out "very valuable" and "outside on a skid" kinda cancel each other out. I have a relative near you, if he is willing he might ship things to me. (and or others)


10k Member
Nov 3, 2009
South Jersey, USA
oh my...

I'm just going to point out "very valuable" and "outside on a skid" kinda cancel each other out.
That's quite an astute observation for a layman, i.e., not a meteorologist. Which all goes to prove that Bob Dylan was right, again, when he said... ‘You don't need a weatherman to know which the wind blows’. :)


Veteran Member
Mar 29, 2010
Florida, USA
Why can't any of this stuff be in FL or GA? :) (well, besides that mobile home full of old PCs that got picked through last year...)



Veteran Member
Feb 3, 2009
I finally got the brakes sorted out on my truck Bob, if you're still up for working something out let me know.

When I mentioned how much some of the computers were likely to weigh and how many there would be. I was kindly and politely told to "pound sand".

I swear, I don't relate to the people I'm related to.