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May be off-topic...

Terry Yager

Veteran Member
May 1, 2003
Saginaw, MI, USA 48601
It's neither a "PC" or a clone, but has anyone ever heard of a Motorola 68000-based machine built by IBM? Has one of these beasts ever been seen in captivity, or are they just purely vapor-ware? According to my 1985 Bowker's Complete Sourcebook of Personal Computing:
IBM CS-9000. Processor: 68000. RAM: 128-5000k bytes. Display: Monochromatic; 80 characters x 30 lines. Keyboard: Standard, 140 keys, 67 function keys. Operating System(s): OS 1.1, XENIX. Interface(s): One Parallel, one IEEE-488, three RS-232C. Language(s): BASIC Interpreter, Assembly, FORTRAN Compiler, Pascal Compiler, Language-C Compiler, COBOL. $5695.00, not incl. keyboard.