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Miniscribe I brochure


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Apr 21, 2011
Found this online a few weeks ago and thought it was very cool!


This is the 1981 brochure for the Miniscribe series I, Miniscribe's first hard drives. It came in a 5 and 10MB variant (6.4 and 12.8MB unformatted), the 1012 and 1006.

What shocked me the most, is the old Miniscribe logo at the bottom and the very last page! Never seen that anywhere else before. Really cool looking logo. Kind of has a '70s style to it I think.

To think not even 10-years later they were going to go down in flames, with their "bricks" fraud. Insane.
I've got a Miniscribe 5.25" FH ESDI drive with a paper "Maxtor" band wrapped around it. The Miniscribe HDA casting is pretty cool.

It wasn't that Miniscribe made bad drives; it's just that management got into some creative accounting procedures.

Lol. I never thought of that! :)


Definitely. Miniscribe drives were actually built pretty well I’ve found since I’ve acquired a few. My Miniscribe 2012 in my IBM XT was built in 1983 and is still going strong will no bad sectors!
For me, Miniscribe built the most interesting drives in the 80's. Most of them stepper motors actuators, with an increible sound, reliable and with a PCB logic for me very advanced.