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Modula-2 and PDP-11

What happened to this? I found three RX02 disks with Modula-2 written on them. But they seems to be hard to recover. There is mold on two of them and the third is squealing a lot and gives plenty of errors. But there is no shedding. I can try cyclomethicone to see if that helps.

But there is no point in doing the effort if someone else already imaged a copy of Module 2 for RT-11. Btw. This is a three disk set. I have no idea about version since it is a handwritten label.
Back then it was common to distribute software in the more common RX01 format (IBM3740) so that people with RX01 and RX02 drives could read them. Are you sure they are in RX02 format?
They are not made any more. I am not sure if there are moden alternatives. Perhaps any of the Applesauce, Fluxengine or Greaseweazle can handle RX02. I don’t know really.
Supposedly a Kryoflux can read RX02. I haven't tried it yet.
I spend some time imaging the RX01/02 disks from my stash. Find on ftp://ftp.dreesen/ch/PDP11 ( use Filezilla if you have problems accessing )

- Modula2XMS.zip the Modula-2/XMS as distributed by the Technical University of Munich. ( an extension of the ETH RT11 Modula-2 set)
Unfortunatly only 2 of the 4 original distribution disks were present, however there might be enough in the other images to reconstruct a full kit.

- OCCAM.bin : occam language for PDP11/RT11

- Edison : a distribution kit for Per Brinch Hansen's Edison programming environment.

- Shareplus : an alternative to RT11.

- Others : other disk I could not directly identify.

Enjoy & give feedback, without a working PDP11 i have not verified a thing...