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My //c

DOS lives on!!

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Mar 14, 2011
East Tennessee
I guess the only computer I've got in the ][ line right now is the //c. The //c in the picture below the //c under the monitor is the first one I got. I got that one at our local E-Waste event in 2009. I didn't have any other //c equipment, so it just stayed in the closet until I got my current //c. I got my current //c about two years ago. It came with the monitor, Apple Scribe Printer, and a whole shoebox full of disks.
You have a local E-Waste event? That's interesting. What do you do? Add some freebies to your collection?

(By the way, I commented on the picture. Nice system.)
Here's a picture of my //c before I broke it.


It's a little big, sorry. :)
Yep, every year we have one. I'm the one who runs it, so I get to pick out whatever I want to take home. After E-Waste day, my computer area gets a little (a lot) more crowded.
Posted by DOS lives on!!:
After E-Waste day, my computer area gets a little (a lot) more crowded.

I'm sure. :)
I currently have 2 IIc's. an original ROM 255 that I got from eBay a couple years ago and a IIc+ that I managed to snag through Craig's List last year. I had a IIc back in 92 that I bought from some one who needed the money and then was stupid enough to sell it in 96 just before I retired from the Air Force. It was a nice setup, it had an additional 512K of memory and I added a 5MHz Rocket Chip to it.
You've got the ROM 255? That's pretty cool, I haven't seen one on eBay before.

As far as the //c that you had, it seems that everyone here has a system that got away. The system that got away from me was a IIe with all the accessories I could want that slipped out of my grasp when the bidding headed for the sky. Just couldn't afford it anymore.