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My collection and web site

Dec 16, 2003
I probably one of the earlier collectors of micros and vintage computer artifacts. It started in 1975 when I was asked to teach a programming class at the high school level. As a newbie, I had lots to learn and wanted to make it interesting. I had a Bendix G-15 in my classroom donated by the local Control Data plant and access to the MECC timeshare system. However, that was not enough to keep a class full of students busy and hands on! So, with the help of parents involved in the computer industry, I assembled a rather nice collection of functional computer equipment (card punch, card sorter, etc.) and lots of display pieces. Eventually, micros came on the scene and in 1978 I added a TRS-80, a couple SYM-1's, a Heath Kit system, and a classroom set of 24 Apple II's.

In 1982, I decided that starting a computer museum in Minnesota would be an interesting project. I worked with the Governor's office, the Science Museum, and Control Data on the idea. It sort got off the ground but then a political snag and some pressure from another museum start up effort cause the idea to die! In the process, however, I managed to collect quite a few artifacts and several micros. I joined MECC as a software designer from 1982-1999 when we shut down. During that time I became the recipient of many neat system from various vendors we supported (Apple, Atari, Acorn, Commodore, and IBM). I even managed to obtain 3 Apple 1's from various sources.

I have been working on a web site the past few years and have included a section showing a few of my computer artifacts and calculating devices. If you would like to take a look, the URL is: http://www.solomonson.net/Calculator3frameset.html

My two favorites on display there are a very Intel 8008 system and the 5th factory assembled Altair.


Veteran Member
Mar 7, 2009
Wow.. just wow.

If you end up selling any of the duplicate machines, software, etc. keep us in mind! That's a hell of a collection - I was most impressed by the Intel 8008 machine.