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My totally un-vintage computer related day


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Sep 30, 2011
Fairfield, CA, USA
So..today I woke to find I STILL felt like fecies and haven't fully recovered from strep throat, fun. As for this I got time to work on my Windows 3.1 live CD. I still can't get a static drive letter assigned to the ramdisk.sys from the 98 setup disk since it wasn't designed for that apparently (damn you Microsoft for making life so hard on us sick and weak) and I was told of an alternate way of creating a ram disk, rdisk.com by Jack, which I believe is a ramdisk driver with support for upto 2 gigs of ram disk. If this is the correct thing it also has a REALLY extended memory manager with support for upto 4 gigs ram, and also contains a driver for SATA support, which also would help me in my little play around project that I am not going to share since Microsoft owns the copyright and everything on Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS 6.22.

If anyone is wondering how I'm managing to make a Windows 3.1 live CD I'm going to tell you basically what I'm doing.

1.) Create a ram disk
2.) extract a zip file containing a Windows 3.1 installation with moddified drive letters to match the ram disk into the ram disk
3.) execute the autoexec.bat file from the ram disk after running everything else
4.) type "win" and have fun :D.

Maybe sometime later I'll post my disk using free stuff, like FreeDos with an "add your own Windows files" thing attached to comply with copyright laws.
I did a MS-DOS 6.22 and Win 3.1 off CD a number of years back, but I didn't run it from ramdisk, I ran it all right from a "floppy" image on the CD, windows would complain a bit when it couldn't write to the disk if you tried to change a setting or save the session, but almost everything worked fine regardless.