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NEC PC-8001 RGB cable


Dec 29, 2013
Illinois, USA
Hello Everyone,

I got a complete NEC PC-8001 system but the manuals don't include pinouts for the 8 Pin DIN RGB cable. My system included a cable with 8 pin DIN to 9 pin DB9.

So I plugged it in to my CGA to VGA converter and monitor displays NO SIGNAL

Anyone know the pinouts and how to get this cable working?

May 24, 2018
I built an adapter for my PC-8801mkII last year. It is effectively a DIN connector which pipes the colour channels into some 150Ω resistors (to step the voltages down from TTL to something closer to VGA Vpp).

Although I haven't tested it on a PC-8001, I think it should work based on the pinout that was just linked.

You might have an additional challenge in finding a monitor that supports the slower (i.e. not-31kHz) hsync.

I don't know what the 8001 specifically wants for horizontal sync, but this works fine with my 8801mkII in 24kHz "V1(H)" mode and a Fujitsu FM-7. I'm guessing you're also going to be 24kHz, or 15kHz in the worst case.

24kHz monitors are not uncommon but not exactly common either; I use an NEC 1970NX LCD and it seems to work but other people have had more luck using a scandoubler like the OSSC. For 15kHz, basically find something an Amiga can support.

Hope that helps! I have eyed those nice PC-8001s many times on the auction sites.