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New to the Kaypro realm


Veteran Member
Apr 30, 2003
Katy, Tx
I have recently gotten my hands on a Kaypro 2x. I believe both floppies are Ok. But the floppy that came with it does not appear to be bootable and may just be blank.
I have setup Image Disk on my Gateway 2000 and I have borrowed the A drive from the Kaypro and stuck in there. It is seen by the floppy controller. On trying to write
the boot floppy it failed. So I figured I'd format it, but don't know all the parameters needed. What I chose were successful but I do not think they were the right values.
I don't know much about Kaypros. I have been wanting to play with CP/M and the Simh emulator was fine, but I like real hardware. So I got this. Any suggestions
are welcome. Thanks.