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Next Projects & #DOSCember


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Feb 25, 2005
Sparks, NV
Well, the Tandy 1000A is now all buttoned up, 8087, V20, it's pretty screamin' considering it's still at it's pokey 4.77Mhz (Maybe next year I'll copy the board EEVBLOG made for his 1000 to overclock it - maybe even put a "Smartwatch+" in as well). Still might make another video or two of the Tandy for #septandy - but so far I have all of them in. Though talking will be at a minimum.

Next up is ordering a replacement screen for my NEC Versa P/75HC. It got hit and now just goes white. That'll be an easy one. That's the only one requiring any serious cash outlay ($45.00). The rest of my projects are tiddliwink....

I have 2 Varta Batteries to replace, one in the GEM 286 (preventative), and the other in my BSi Notebook FMA3500C (NanTan) - which is so Dead I have to put the CHS in every time I run it, and might need some vinegar to neutralize. Toying with finding alternative rechargables I can wire in outside of the motherboard.

After that, it's all really really leaisurely stuff. What I need to do is figure out more about how to find pinouts of devices I don't have the Schematics/Service manuals for. Looking at the wiring for certain laptop screens, it's almost like I could upgrade that DFI MediaBook to a 9.4" Active Matrix panel - it's got more pins than my NEC Versa before the 3 connector cable hits the converter board for the Casio 9.4" STN LCD. It also looks like the NL6448AC30 panels fit the screw anchors for the original LCD, and a cheaper NEC NL6448AC30-12 panel would be PERFECT for this application since it does not need to use a built-in ballast board for the LCD - I would just need to get a converter cable and maybe a Active Matrix BIOS for it.