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nicely 'quipped TI PC auction

That includes a TIPC specific version of Lotus 1-2-3 1A and Samnaword III. Those aren't just OEM copies, they are specifically adapted for the TIPC as it is not IBM PC hardware compatible. If anyone here gets it, I'd make sure those get archived. Lotus 1-2-3 WILL be copy protected and should be dumped with something like a Kryoflux.
There was one at Computer Reset recently, but it hold sold signs on it. There were a couple of boxes of software with it, but since it was sold I didn’t look too closely at it. That one had a matching printer with it too.

I did grab a copy of samna word III revision 3, sealed in box, but it’s got IBM stickers on it.
Nope, too much crappola. Kittens ain't worth much these days. I'm thinking of ways of making them talk and training them to do espionage. Maybe when Elon manages to put chips in our brains, we can do that for cats also.

They sure did bounce back from their day at the speuter clinic though. Bouncing around the house like they own it.