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Texas Not exactly a fire sale but...

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Aug 6, 2015
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Hey folks. It's been a while since I posted here. Without going into too much detail: divorce, isolation, depression, self destructive behaviors, bankruptcy - yep, I think that covers it.

When all of the above was taking place, I shamefully neglected my business. I'm getting it back up to speed, but that takes timer and I still have payment deadlines to make. 9:30AM Wed Oct 11 is one such deadline, massively important and I'm $4,000 short. Ebay sales won't help because with ebay managed payments I won't get my hands on the money in time.

So he's my plan: I'll post links to the ebay store (the inventory belongs to my LLC, which is not in BK, so this is legit). If you see something you like, DO NOT BUY IT ON EBAY. Instead, message me here with the item # and an offer. If it's an offer I can accept, I'll be in touch to make payment arrangements. Try not to screw me too hard, please - I know the prices are on the high side, that's because I only have one pair of hands and no help, so the business model has to be low volume, high margin.

I'll keep the sale going until I have the money I need or Wednesday morning, whichever is first.

Orders will ship starting this weekend, in the order they were received. For local pickup items, if it's not practicable for you to come get it I'll take it to a FedEx or UPS place and you can have them pack and ship it to you.

Mods, I hope this is OK. I don't think it breaches any rules and it's kind of an emergency - this payment is really, really important.

Here's vintage computing:

Here's Vintage electronics:

And here's Business & Industrial. You know your way around if there's anything else you're interested in.

Thanks all, I do hope to be back here participating again, once things have stabilized a little. I found a few S100 boards that aren't listed on ebay. I'll try to put them up here first.
A quick update. I failed to hit the target but some fancy footwork on the part of my attorney has resulted in a new target of $3000 by Monday 10/16. It will cost me in the long run but I've got to make it that far first.

So, I'm going to extend the sale until Monday. There has not been as much of a response as I anticipated, which surprises me as I know that several members have bought from us in the past, with some being regular customers but it is what it is, I guess. Plus, if you don't know me, this probably looks fishy as hell. But there's nothin I can do about that so I'll focus on what I can do. Which, this afternoon, is going to involve one of those baggage screening x-ray machines
The links work for me. Perhaps it’s a geographical issue? Or maybe a specific browser issue?