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Not Mine - Trio of stripped IBM 5150/5160 PCs (?) on eBay


May 1, 2014
San Diego
Hi all,

I've been coming eBay for a bit now looking for an old IBM PC to add to my collection, and stumbled upon an oddity. Here's one of the three a seller has up:

"IBM Vintage 5150/5160 Personal Computer XT Clamshell

Taking a look at the included pictures, and comparing them to ones I've seen online, has left me confused as to what I'm looking at. The board looks like an XT board, and the case certainly has the right number of slots, but it doesn't appear to be sporting the IBM Personal Computer XT badge on the front, and I'm not sure where what look like spots for two DB15 connectors on the back of the case come from.

Does anyone know why this would have had those empty DB15 portholes? Also, to get this up and running, I'd need a video card of some sort, an XT-compatible keyboard (IIRC, there's no way to adapt an AT or PS/2 keyboard to an XT, right?), whatever I/O cards I'm going to need, and a set of drives, correct? Anything I'm missing here?