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older computers are great for kids

vic user

Veteran Member
Sep 12, 2003
Ottawa, Canada
My daughter is in grade 6, and the reports and projects she is getting assigned to do, are now at a level where handing in type written material is encouraged (but not mandatory).

I still can remember saying to her a couple of years ago, that some of my old computers would be great for typing out home work on, some day, and now that time has come.

I popped in a Centris 610, along with a stylewriter II, in her bedroom, and now she is typing and printing happily away.

I also have another centris 610, and we set it up to be just like the other one, and now are going to let her take it to her mom's place. i also have another stylewriter II to go along with it!

Now she can just carry around a floppy from house to house. She can hook up the computer and all the cables by herself, which is great.

So these computers are still getting work done on them, and to think I got all of the stuff for free, because people had no use for them!


Postal Patron

Oct 31, 2003


I used a TRS 80 Model 3 for typing in reports in high school and it seemd ridiculously easy at them time while people were jamming away on typewriters. While knowing their limitations, I think they are excellent machines to gain a knowledge of. Besides they are not much different from the embedded computers we use all around us, and easier to comprehend.