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Olivetti ETV 300 : Can I use the typewriter part as a serial terminal to mimic a teletype?

@1ST1 Would you be able to provide me a .bin file of the ROM that is broken in my system, eventhough I could be in the wrong language ?
Bin file of the computer unit? I think the ROM of the computer is Ok. The computer looks like having problem with video RAM. I still was not able to access the ET 111 typewriter.
I was talking about the typewriter ROM.

While I wait for you to get your ET111, how far should I get in the boot process of the computer without the typewriter plugged into it? This will help me diagnose the issue.
It should finish the diagnostics where you see the large "D" in the upper left corner and then display a diskette symbol, and when the disk is inserted it should start to boot. Then it will display a typewriter symbol to wait for the typewriter to get online.
Ok. Based on the photos, am I right to think it does not finish the diag routine at this point ?
Yes, you see clearly a video card memory problem. The screen should be blank with the large "D" upper left. You still can see the "D", so it's not dead.