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Packard Bell navigator


Veteran Member
Feb 21, 2011
Eugene, OR
I have been searching for a download of Packard Bell Navgator I can use to boot a DOS5. Or DOS version 6.0 of Packard Bell’s system. During my search, I have been unable to create a PackarBell’s Navigator shell to install on a 75Mk with 5.50 Meg hard disk.

Does anyone here have a copy of Packard Bells Navigart Navigator, complete with Windows 95. Of course, a copy of the final released CD, complete with Windows 95, including it’s own version of DOS 5 ,or, 6.05. Or 6.0.

Of course, I would like to locate an original CD ROM, or the next best thing, a complete copy of a Packard Bell CD Rom. If anyone is willing to send me a CD, Please respond via Private Messaging, and, I will send my address and the rest of my contact info.

Many thanks are definitally owed to anybody who can answer my request.

As I correctly understood, you need Master CDs used for recovery. Well, I have images some disks from 1995, so you can PM me to get more information.